We partnered with Meta to launch Cardi Tries, an original show streaming

exclusively on the Watch Together feature on Messenger and Instagram.

The goal was to emphasize the platform as the perfect setting to

video chat with friends, and to drive watching together.


Global music superstar Cardi B, seeks out new experiences (e.g. ranch hand,

basketball player, baker, stunt car driver etc.) to expand her knowledge.

Light hearted in nature, she’ll be accompanied by her trusty Glam Squad and on

occasion, celebrity pals to help her on her missions.


We created show marketing assets, brand packaging, keyart, stickers, AR,

and social content as part of a full 360 campaign.


Facebook had a single question: How do we get Cardi B on our

social platform in an engaging and authentic way.

We targeted fans on Instagram and Messenger with engaging social content.

Cardi answers questions about each episode sharing her authentic insights

into the challenges she faced in her uniquely Cardi way.

The marketing didn’t just live in the digital world.

We created the key art for a huge nationwide OOH campaign.


Once on the platform we needed help fans navigate to the show.

Our research found that there was initial hesitancy to try ‘Watching Together’

but after one successful experience there was near universal buy-in.

And don’t forget the stickers.