It all starts with a logo. Crafting the perfect expressive mark is the foundation of any great brand.

For us it’s a passion, an obsession and essential to a great project.

We created a simple, modern logo with a seriousness that reflects the legendary investigative journalism of Paula Zahn.
The simple and elegant logo represents legendary makeup mogul, Madolyn Addison. The explosion represents Marco Mejia and the chaos and spark he brings.
The logo and treatment for Enola Holmes 2 reflect a slightly darker, more dangerous world.
When Netflix asked us to brand Enola Holmes, we looked for insights in anti-establishment icons: British punk rock, Alexander McQueen, and the Victorian printing press.
This small crumbling pill represents the destruction caused by addiction.
We worked closely with the broadcast and key art teams to craft a logo that worked holistically for the whole campaign.
Working on the show open for Law & Order was a fantastic experience. Having the opportunity to update a 20-year mainstay of the franchise was an honor.
A simple, condensed typeface, but with something strange, something odd, something missing, that makes you question what you see.