Create a young, progressive, vibrant, visual identity to underscore

the smart and confident attitude central to the film and its lead character,

Enola Holmes.


To define the authentic spirit of Enola, a tough, smart, independent young woman,

we looked for insights from anti-establishment icons: British punk rock and

the art it inspired, the pioneering style of Vivian Westwood, and just a little Harley Quinn.


Above all, Enola is a convergent thinker. Her ability to break codes and solve

problems is central to the character. In our exploration we needed to evoke

themes of investigation, puzzles, and of separate elements coming together

to make a solution.

We brought Enola’s sketches into our design, dotted it with pop-twinged

detective iconography and a youthful,

modern twist that embraces the character’s quirky fun.