In the first Enola Holmes movie, we created a young, progressive and vibrant

visual identity to underscore the smart and confident attitude central to the

film and its lead character.

In Enola 2, our hero occupies a sinister, darker world. Less about pressed flowers

and all about murder. So, our original logo required an update.

After rearranging the logo to accommodate the 2, we added layers of detail and hidden

messages to the ripped and burnt paper. Ink carelessly splatters across the parchment

to signal this is not the young, playful Enola but a more serious, grown-up and adult Enola.


The story of Enola 2 centers around the search for a young matchstick girl’s missing sister.

The matchstick factory becomes a very dangerous, explosive character in the movie.

Smoke, burnt matches and smoldering edges bring the sense of danger.

We carry the detail into the background. Hidden fingerprints, extinct birds,

cyphers and, included in the many layers, a screen print of a 1900's matchbox.

The interstitials are elevated and crafted, each one adding more story.

A layer of dirty, dark soot ties them back to the match factory.


Between Instagram and TikTok, Millie Bobby Brown has millions of followers.

Creating a robust, dynamic toolkit for social was essential to the campaign.