The Ask

Create an open to introduce the Horror Noire panel of writers and directors

at the San Diego Comic-Con, conveying the overarching concept of this

unique anthology project.

The Concept

The scariest movies are the ones that leave space for your imagination to run wild.

A hint of something in the dark… a strange awkward movement…

perhaps we catch a glimpse of a dark, nefarious creature…

‘Dark Spaces’ became our core idea.

The Process

The constantly evolving shapes split and separate in a dark, unpredictable, motion.

We used multiple passes, layered on top, and effecting each other

to create disturbing and organic feel.

This was an amazing opportunity to create characters straight from the pages of the scripts.

The idea of ‘Dark Spaces’ made us question: How much do you have to reveal?

What can we discern from a vampire’s blood-soaked teeth, or the winged silhouette of a demon?

This was a creative project showcasing what can be done with a few stills

and a lot of imagination.