Screaming Again!

Inspired by the concept 'Formaldehyde' from last year, Paramount+ asked is to create a ‘mad scientist's lab’ where we take viewers on a journey from eerie, Spongebob Halloween shows, through creepier series like Penny Dreadful, all the way to downright freaky movies like Smile.
Paramount Manor

Welcome to Paramount Manor: an 18th century Victorian pile being consumed

by overgrown ivy. Nobody really knows what goes on inside - but if you’re smart,

you’ll keep your distance.

Within its walls, a mad scientist conducts eerie experiments

that take a chilling turn as we descend deeper into the darkness.

Something chases us deeper into The Manor,

amping our fear, from the eerie to the downright freaky.

Until we find ourselves, where else? The basement...

In true horror style, we borrow from the classics,

ending with a perception-bending dolly zoom.


Free of Paramount Manor, the story continues into the digital world

with our robust toolkit built to be used...well...everywhere.

It all comes together in a spookily great spot.